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A festive air!

Dernière mise à jour : 9 juin 2019

“If there is a moment in the year when you have to put the small dishes in the big ones, it’s Christmas! To light a little light in the eyes of your loved ones, here is a dazzling table that you can easily reproduce. Happy Holidays!”

Julie Asselin / CHEZ SOI / n.333 / 86-87
magazine CHEZ SOI / n.333 / 86-87
"Christmas is the occasion to take out the dishes used on big days, grandma’s silverware, the candlesticks and ... all that shines! I propose a monochrome setting in white, enhanced by the accents of mercurised glass, a hyper trend material.”

For a ceremonial table

  • First, the tablecloth: avoid rough and low-end synthetic fabric. Favor soft textures such as linen, brown, combed cotton, etc. As I often do, opt for a fabric instead of a tablecloth; the choice will be bigger. For the table to have a luxurious appearance, the drop of the tablecloth must be 30 cm if the guests are seated and must go to the ground if it is a buffet.

  • The setting, in order: placemats, service plates, followed by small and large plates… Have fun mixing and matching everything to upscale the decor of your table. Take care of the cutlery arrangement and make sure the glasses are flawless. A tip? Inspect them in front of a window.

  • As the trend is for bouquets with only a variety of flowers, group different arrangements by adjusting the height of the containers. Here, I associated the freshness of narcissi with the full forms of a bouquet of hydrangeas and the delicacy of the cymbidium—a variety of orchids. My stylists tip? Choose the vase to create the impression of a generous bouquet.

  • Then choose the Christmas ornaments that will garnish the table. One rule: stick to the chosen materials or colors. Oversized elements, such as big casseroles, tall candle holders and giant balls, bring a very contemporary touch.

  • Then fill the remaining space with small glasses in which you have deposited clusters of Hypericum. Add fir trees or small decorative pearls or nuts. Abundance is the secret of success. After all, not every day is Christmas.

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