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Trendy New Year at Jean-Claude Poitras

“The darling Quebecer designer welcomes us to his loft in Old Montreal. On the menu: an inviting table, featuring his collection of dishes, and trendy dishes in passing, the fashion man gives us a good overview of trends in the art of the table.”

Julie Asselin/CHEZ SOI/n.344/p.117
magazine CHEZ SOI/n.344/p.117

Under a bold poster in a recent collection of the artist, there is a table exclusively adorned with items from the range 13, rue de l’univers, by Jean-Claude Poitras. For the designer, the perfect combination of black and white is a must to put gourmet dishes in value.

The pressed bamboo napkin rings of the Origami collection, suggesting Jean-Claude Poitras’s passion for Japanese papers, gives an Asian touch to the designer’s creations. The Alphabet collection, which items are stamped with an “A”, is a tribute to artists and artisans. On the windowsill, a two-sided painting includes two sketches of the artist.

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