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Spring rainbow

Dernière mise à jour : 9 juin 2019

Julie Asselin / RECEVOIR/ Vol.3/n.1
magazine RECEVOIR/ Vol.3/n.1

I do not know if you are one of those who deeply love life. Those for whom each day represents a piece of happiness, which adds up and enriches their experience. I am. I have this propensity to appreciate just as much the banalities of everyday life as the surprises of the unexpected or the grandiose of the exceptional. The power of seduction exercised by LIFE on me is total and prevents me from feeling gloomy too long.

But, after a winter when intense cold, rain and smog alternately tint the landscape shades of gray and weigh down the mind, we need to “rainbow” our moods and stir our senses. The influence of colors and lights on our moods is undeniable. Let’s go with the yellow, lilac, orange, fuchsia … all the palette of happy hues to inspire this spring issue. We invite you to a colorful CELEBRATION with, at the top of the list, receptions “à la carte”, one of which, country, is impregnated with pink and the other, more urban, of lime green. To better host, Mr. Bernard Pepin, colorist in chromology and designer, makes us benefit from his expertise by highlighting the influence of colors on the appetite and describing how some are recommended or not in the kitchen or dining room.

Synonymous with RENEW, spring marks the beginning of life for two couples, as the stars of our visual report, which shines its spotlight on three MARRIAGES, three stories of love and passion. As for the girls who do not plan to tie the knot this year, what’s more refreshing for them than to HAVE a day with friends in a spa? Happiness tenfold when it is shared.

After having touched the world of fashion with his talent and taste of beauty, Jean-Claude Poitras, who is on the way to make his mark in the field of kitchen design and the arts of the table, talks about his new PASSION. We also had the privilege of counting on the collaboration of the manager from renowned restaurant Nuance at the Montreal Casino, Jean-Pierre Curtat, who unveiled some of his culinary secrets.

If you dream of a spring getaway, you will certainly find it in the pages granted to Old Quebec and its many gourmet places. Let yourself be seduced by the panorama offered by a friendly apartment overlooking the capital.

Yes, another beautiful spring is coming!

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