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Mis à jour : 16 juin 2019

magazine CHEZSOI/CASA TV - Interesting: two floor slabs await visitors. Carpet (HomeSense), vase and flowers (Flowers & Distinction).

Our collaborator Julie Asselin has used her talent to make her interiors a succession of spaces skillfully arranged. With her intuitions, she likes to personalize trends to create atmospheres always imbued with elegance.

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In love with decoration, Julie Asselin likes room arrangements with personality, which have been given great attention to detail and finish. An appreciator of open spaces, she intervened during the construction of her house to modify the plan of the ground floor, so that it formed a large square, a type of space with which she particularly likes to work with.

To integrate the office with the rest of the layout, Julie took the same fabric as the chairs into the dining room (David Elmaleh, upholsterer).

Thirst for space

The decompartmentalization of the zones is the central element of Julie Asselin's work, since for her; this is essential for the accomplishment of coherent developments aimed at creating what she describes as "a global aesthetic experience". In this way, the designer applies unique objects, textures and well-appointed fabrics, to design perfectly coordinated and current interiors.

The living room revolves around a classic arrangement highlighting a built-in storage, a corner sofa with cushions (David Elmaleh, upholsterer) and a mirrored glass coffee table (Fraser).

Black and white

Extending the counter of the island, a mirrored glass and cross leg console (Décor inc.) turns into a space to serve meals.

Julie designed her decor with a focus on black and white in order to maximize theatrical effects within the room. Therefore, it is the repetition of two-color arrangements and that of sharp contrasts that ensures the maintenance of visual unity between the different areas of the ground floor.

For her kitchen, the stylist imagined an island surmounted by metallic suspensions and integrated cabinets. The culinary space cannot be more refined.

Glamour ... forever

1) A large mirror (Ô Miroir) placed on the ground brightens the dining room by modulating its perspective caused by the effects of its reflection. 2) Standing in front of the window covered with shutters, the silver armchair and the stainless steel side table (Maison Corbeil) create a charming reading area. The pairing of two chairs formats also helps to liven up the decor.

The accomplishments of Julie Asselin are distinguished by the fact that they can bring a touch of glamour and finesse to the facilities. With no exception to the rule, the dining room features chic décor from an oversized mirror, silver objects, a tasseled chandelier and crystal pendants, and a selection of classic designs that are the signature of the designer.

Female atmosphere

1) The integration of baroque style elements is trendy, and Julie's room is the proof: carved mirror (Design Louis George), nesting tables with elegantly curved legs and old style armchair. 2) Installed above the dresser (Fraser) and framed by two candlesticks (Home Sense), the TV blends into the background.

In addition to the pastel shades, the room has several elements traditionally associated with the feminine universe, such as a crystal chandelier, a walk-in mirror, silver baroque chairs with open backs, white furniture, bedside lamps, a pedestal table, immaculate bedding and floral arrangements. Despite its romantic character, the style of the room remains true to the classic spirit of the house.

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