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Chalet evening ... in the suburbs!

Dernière mise à jour : 9 juin 2019

"Nostalgic vigils with feet dangling at the end of the pool deck or campfires animated with songs at the cottage? I suggest you reproduce the magical atmosphere of a summer evening in the countryside, in the comfort of your suburban nest.”

Julie Asselin / CHEZ SOI / n.328 / 94-95
magazine CHEZ SOI / n.328 / 94-95

A sweet summer evening… We enjoy the pool until late and we receive friends around a meal grilled over the fire. The warm atmosphere is first camped by two large lanterns placed on the wooden table, supported by small tea lights. The pebbled doilies, the bouquet of hydrangeas and the wooden or rattan serving dishes help bring nature to mind while the lighting and shadow effects creates an atmosphere made for confiding. Final touch: pebbles scattered around cutlery.

"What's more enjoyable than meetings around a fire to relax, tell stories, sing in a group! Outdoor gas fireplaces are becoming more popular. They are usually round in shape reminiscent of campfires. Be careful though: outdoor fires are prohibited in some municipalities, including Montreal. Better to inquire.”

To end a night in style, treat yourself to roast marshmallows on the fire. First choose long branches that are not too dry and sharpen the end with a penknife. A few twigs of wood retained by the string of jute, and a label in the name of each guest will beautifully customize this grilling support. A delicacy? Slip a piece of chocolate into the marshmallow before grilling.

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